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Ningbo Morelux Pole Technology Co.Ltd

Company: 17 / f, guangbo international trade building, No. 1357 yinxian avenue, yinzhou district, ningbo, zhejiang

Factory: No.399, longfei road, meichi industrial zone, yunlong town, yinzhou district, ningbo

Phone:Mr. You 13806670789  

              Mr. Cao 13901951289

Tel:0574-8806 7182 / 8901 7271






Ningbo Morelux Pole Technology Co.Ltd Is a subsidiary of ningbo ai group, located in meichi industrial park, yunlong town, ningbo.Has a modern plant 45,000 square meters.

In 2009, morelux took the lead in introducing the modern CNC coreless spinning process, and started the research and development and production of aluminum alloy light pole, thus filling the gap in domestic aluminum alloy light pole.In China, it is still a lighting industry dominated by iron light poles. The appearance of aluminum alloy light poles undoubtedly provides new blood and power for road lighting.Aluminium alloy lamp pole relies on its rich modelling, fluent line and smooth and clean and exquisite surface, be sure to get the recognition of more and more customer.

As a cooperative project of major competitions and governments, such as youth Olympic Games and Beijing APCE conference, morelux lamp pole is exported to all parts of the world, and its customers are all over the world, bringing excellent user experience and feeling to customers all over the world. All these are based on the perfect quality and product quality of morelux lamp pole.

Morelux will be based on quality, continuous innovation, continuous progress, to provide quality and professional services for our customers.