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Street lamps lit up the small village



Street lamp lighting in a small village is a common thing in our life, but it is not a common thing for the villagers in banshantu village of zhangjiawan township of padang manchu and Mongolian autonomous county in northern hebei.

At 20:02, the sky is getting dark, the time that the villagers have been waiting for a long time finally arrived, in nearly 1000 meters of cement road on both sides of a row, tall 21 solar energy street lamps automatic sequence open, street lamp pole lit up the whole village, the scene boiling!Young people and children ran quickly to the light poles, and old people came after them, smiles of happiness and joy on everyone's faces.They went round and round the lamp-posts, touching and touching, very lovingly, lest they should touch any of the paint;Several villagers also happened to stand under the street lamp, like bathing in rain and dew and sunshine, looking up at the top of the lamp, looking down for their own figure, enjoy this wonderful time.

With the surging crowd, the comrades of the working group had a cordial conversation with everyone and exchanged greetings. Several poor families who had received the sympathy and help from the working group a few days ago also gathered among the people. They expressed their gratitude in the most simple words of the farmers.Tang fusheng, an octogenarian veteran of the party, said: "today I am very happy to see the young people really want to do things for our village, plan things and do things. I really want to live for a few more years. Let's see with our own eyes what our new village looks like!"

The village more than 70 - year - old Wells constant, the sun also came among the people under the escort of his wife, his one hand pole, one hand tightly hold residency comrades working group will hand happy and excitedly said: "we spit area traditionally have not seen in the village village street light, even in the dream can't think of things, today I met in my life is not only a street lamp, but truly, truly, the party and the government of the people and beneficial policies, you really give us common people do the practical work, good!I thank you, and the whole village will thank you!"