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Street lamps should be equipped with proper controllers



In order to ensure the normal operation of the whole solar street lighting system, the controller should be able to ensure that the battery components are not charged or put to vote, and damaged under any conditions, and have the functions of control, control, voice control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection at the same time.In addition, the controller is responsible for monitoring the charging status of the battery module, managing the charging process including load opening and closing, so as to make the battery components make full use of energy and extend the service life.In the configuration of the controller, the charging voltage can be limited to prevent overcharged battery modules, the load can be closed to prevent discharge, the controller can prevent excessive current and the temperature is too high, the controller can automatically open/close the load or components.Overvoltage, load can be closed load.

As the controller adopts non-contact control technology and has advanced control functions, it is especially suitable for solar street lamp and photovoltaic power generation control through automatic switching load, and has various protection functions.Therefore, when installing street lamps, the manufacturers of solar street lamps can only achieve good road lighting with reasonable configuration of controllers.