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Light pole technical standard



The bidder shall strictly implement the production standards, technical standards and specific execution standards of the bid products as follows:

(1) technical standards for light poles: technical standards for light poles

CJ/T 3076-1998 technical conditions for high bar lighting facilities

Cbj11-89 code for seismic design of buildings

Gbj9-87 load code for building structures

Gjj81-91 welding code for welding of steel welded butt joints, radial lighting and quality classification

Gb5023-1997 rubber insulated soft cable rated voltage 450/750v and below gb5023-1997 rated voltage 450/750v and below PVC insulated cable gjj45-91 urban road lighting design standard

Cbj135-90 high-rise structure design specification

Wire rope for elevators

Technical conditions for welding stainless steel composite steel plate gb2694-88 hot dip galvanized body galvanized quality

Gb10854-89 steel structure welding dimensions

Gb77-88 carbon structural steel

Gb1591-93 low alloy structural steel technical conditions

Gb2519-88 hot rolling steel plate including strip steel varieties

DL/ t646-98 transmission line steel tube pole manufacturing technical conditions AASHT01994 light pole, high pole, traffic signal pole tia-72-1990 power pole

(ii) standards for illuminators:

Gb13037-91 technical requirements for stationary general luminaires gb70001-1996 general safety requirements for luminaires and experiments gb7001-86 enclosure protection classification of luminaires

Gb7003-86 electroplating and chemical coating of lamps and lanterns

Gb7004-86 technical conditions for wooden packing of lamps and lanterns

Technical conditions for fixed general lamps QB/ t1553-92 technical conditions for corrugated carton packaging of lamps QB/ t1504-94 performance requirements for ballasts of high-pressure sodium bulb QB/T2048 -- 2061-94 electric light source

B/1115 -- 91 electrical trigger GB3667 -- 83 ac motor capacitor for high voltage sodium bulb

Gb13259-91 high pressure sodium bulb

GB9656 -- 1996 tempered glass for automobiles

(3) inspection standards

Lamp pole inspection standards: industry standards and the corresponding national standards and technical documents as the basis.

Luminaire inspection standard: gb3037-91 and corresponding national standard and technical documents as the basis.