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Points for attention in the use of light poles



1. Anti-static

LED street lamp lighting products in the process of production of anti-static measures, such as: workbench to grounding, workers must wear anti-static clothing, anti-static ring, and anti-static gloves, conditional can be installed anti-static ion blower, at the same time to ensure the production workshop humidity is around 65%, lest produce electrostatic air is too dry, especially the green leds easily damaged by static electricity.In addition, different quality grade of LED anti-static ability is not the same, high quality of LED lamp pole anti-static ability is stronger.

2. The rising temperature will reduce the internal resistance of the LED lamp pole

When the environment temperature, the LED light source internal resistance decreased, if use voltage regulator power supply will cause the LED street lamp light pole higher working current, when more than the rated current, affect the service life of the LED street lamp lighting products, serious will LED light source "burn out", so the constant-current power supply should be chosen, to ensure the working current of LEDv is not affected by ambient temperature.

3. Control technology of LED lamp pole and guardrail lamp

At present, the most widely used control technology of LED guardrail lamp is serial communication.Its advantage is each guardrail lamp does not have specific "code", each can be arbitrarily exchanged between, easy to produce and engineering installation.But the biggest drawback is once there is a damage, will directly affect the following all guardrail lights, for hundreds or even thousands of meters fence light engineering, due to external factors and quality of the product itself, the influence of such factors as it is difficult to ensure that every a guardrail lights do not appear problem, therefore, a guardrail lights problems which caused part guardrail lights paralysis.