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Solar street lamps will be the king of the road in the future



Advantages of ordinary street lamps: they will not be affected by the weather.It also has no effect on the sunlight deficiency.Street lighting costs slightly less.

Disadvantages of ordinary street lamps: complicated installation procedures, the need to lay cables, to carry out cable trench excavation, buried pipes and wires.Some places are not good to bury the pipeline, the cost will be higher.And the President of the time to install and debug, waste a lot of manpower, financial and material resources.Buried line has hidden safety risks, if others in the buried line of the place construction, may destroy the line pipeline, easy to cause safety accidents.Electricity bills have risen along with prices, and the power station claims to be operating at a loss and having to maintain its lines regularly.

Advantage of solar lamp: installation is simple, need not lay complicated circuit, need to dig a small hole only, a cement base, fix with stainless steel screw can.Solar street lamps rely on solar energy to convert into electricity, so they cost almost nothing once they are built, requiring only routine maintenance and aging repairs.Procurement costs are relatively high.But later costs will be recovered slowly.Solar street lamps have a longer service life than electric street lamps.

But solar street lighting has its drawbacks.Rainy day lighting problems who can not guarantee, battery life and other issues.But with the development of technology, these problems will be solved soon.The solar street lamp believes that it will gradually replace the street lamp and become the king on the road.