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Number learning on lamp posts



There are many blue Numbers on the lamppost beside the road. Many citizens do not know what these Numbers mean.After many inquiries by reporters, it was found that there was something behind these figures -- a new alarm positioning system specially set up for the convenience of the public.

The number on supervisory pole and lamp pole is like id card, when 110 cannot tell exact position, as long as the number on the lamp pole that leaves you nearest reports to the police, the police can find you.Citizens encounter emergency, dangerous situation to call 110, even if your cell phone is overdue, locked can be called through emergency call.

When people call the police for help, they are often unfamiliar, nervous, afraid and other reasons, and they cannot tell their location clearly. As a result, the 110 patrol officer cannot arrive at the scene of the alarm in time, thus delaying the disposal time.

It is in response to these problems that the police began to implement the "lamppost alarm location system."Simply put, this system is the police in the lamppost one by one number, and its specific location into the police electronic map, the public in the alarm for help, as long as the number on the side of the lamppost told 110 command center to pick up the police, police can accurately find the location of the police.