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National standard for installation of street lamps



In order to implement the "measures for total quality management of industrial enterprises" issued by the national economic commission, this standard is formulated to comprehensively improve the design, construction and operation level of street lamps.This standard from the date of promulgation of trial, in the implementation of the experience should be constantly summed up and according to the needs of the development of production safety, modify and supplement, make it gradually perfect.This standard requires the street lamp design, maintenance, installation, operation and other work should be carried out in accordance with.In case of any conflict between this standard and the superior standard, the superior standard shall prevail.

Height of lamppost

1. Installation height of lamps and lanterns must be the same as that of street lamps (luminescent center to ground height).Small bend light 5-6m ordinary street long arm light and chandelier 6.5-7.5m fast lane arc light no less than 8m slow lane arc light no less than 6.5m.

2. Special lamp type shall be installed according to design requirements. The height of the lamp is equal to the width of the road to be illuminated.Only when one side lighting H ≌ L H ≌ L / 2 when lighting on both sides of, H: lamps and lanterns installation height (meters) L: right (m) elevation of lamps and lanterns

1. Elevation Angle of lamps street width and distribution curve of lamps shall be determined, and elevation Angle of each street shall be consistent.

2. When the lamp holder is adjustable, the center line of the light source should fall within the L/3-1/2 range of the road width.

3. After the installation of the long arm lamp (or the arm lamp), the lamp holder side should be raised 100mm higher than the pole side.

4. The elevation Angle of special lamps should be determined according to the light distribution curve.