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The cultural establishment of street lamps



The second council meeting of road lighting committee of China municipal engineering association was held in guangzhou pearl river hotel on March 29th.At the meeting, speakers and participants Shared their views and experience in the lighting industry.Among them, professor li daixiong, director of design and culture of sichuan huadian lighting co., LTD., and executive editor of tianfu lighting magazine, believes that while road lighting products are functional, attention should also be paid to the establishment of artistic and cultural features.

Culture is the process of creating material wealth and spiritual wealth.This is the broad definition of culture, which tells us that all the processes and results of human labor in nature and in society are human culture.

However, lighting is an activity process that creates new living space to meet people's material and psychological needs through the use and control of light. Therefore, lighting is one of the components of human cultural activities.Is also the human activities in the specific living space in the city, lighting, so of course it is also not exception to belong to the generalized cultural activities, road lighting belongs to physical culture, it is first meet human survival needs, the relationship between man and city directly, reflect human understanding of nature, grasp and use and transform the thorough degree, reflect the development level of a city.

First, it emphasizes the function of the lamp pole but ignores its due artistry and culture, and even artificially opposes the function and artistry, thinking that artistry will reduce the function, in order to ensure that the functional street lamp should be as simple as possible.This is one-sided mechanical technical logic thinking.The result is a large area of street lamp style similar, "one side of a thousand cities."This tendency makes our urban construction labor unable to truly reflect our own culture and development level.

Second, emphasize the individuality of the street lamp performance but ignore its function, flowery, flashy, unconventional.This tendency is a serious distortion of the cultural nature of street lamps.

"The essence of the above two problems is the result of the one-sided and simple way of thinking and the misunderstanding of the cultural connotation of road lighting, which should be paid great attention to and improved practically.""Mr. Li said.

Accord with the need of aesthetic appreciation: that is to meet the psychological and emotional needs of people.This is required at a high level.Because street lamp products reflect our understanding and grasp of the city, reflect our feelings about our living environment, and reflect the progress and development of our society, so it should give people a sense of beauty and pleasure.This requires the street lamp to have a mature design idea, which should be reflected in material, color, surface treatment, shape and structure proportion and production technology.In a word, a beautiful street lamp should be pleasing to the eye and leave a good impression.